Interview with Blogcritics

In this behind-the-scenes interview with Blogcritics, M.J. Joseph discusses the unique challenges writers sometimes face. Joseph has been woodshedding fiction for many years and, until the publication of his novel, The Lübecker, he contumaciously ignored

Character Interview with Beyond the Books

In this unique Character Interview, Beyond the Books highlights the character of Olivia Becouche-Albukerk from The Lübecker. Olivia is her merchant family’s 23 year-old emissary to the political and social milieu of pre-World War I Constantinople,

Interview with Book Publishing Secrets

In this online interview, the author M.J. Joseph discusses the publishing journey with Book Publishing Secrets. BPS: Is this your first book? This is the first book I’ve chosen to publish. I’ve really never been

The Dark Phantom Review

Talking Craft with Author M.J. Joseph - an interview with The Dark Phantom Review DPR: Congratulations on the release of your latest book, The Lübecker. To begin with, can you give us a brief summary of

Interview with Book Cover Junkie

M. J. Joseph has written all his life, but, until sharing the manuscript of his book, The Lübecker, with a several friends and his wife, he had no interest in publishing any of his work,

Dear Reader, Love, Author

When I received an advance printing of my novel, The Lübecker, I examined the volume’s cover, thumbed its pages and placed it, faced-out, into the glass-doored bookcase I inherited from my grandmother. I put the