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Principal and important minor characters

While The Lübecker is a novel written to stand alone, as a tale fully conceived, the book also is intended to be appreciated within the framework of a larger work, a work inaugurated by its publication. The novels that follow The Lübecker offer differing perspectives on its events and characters and they also reach back significantly into years approaching its timeline, roughly 1884-1916, and somewhat beyond the action defining those 32 years. Taken together, the books form The Lübecker Saga.

The Matthäuses

Principal and important minor characters

  • Bernhard Gerfried Matthäus
  • Elisabeth Waltraud Kahn-Matthäus, his wife
  • Gabriele Dagmar Rosenberg née Kahn-Matthäus, his daughter, married to Jürgen Samuel Rosenberg
  • Gräfin Claramond Katharina (Kathe) Kahn-Matthäus von und zu Petersruhe, his daughter
  • Lotte, his housekeeper

The Becouche-Albukerks

Principal and important minor characters

  • Isaac Becouche-Albukerk
  • Eligia Alfassa Yafey Becouche-Albukerk, his wife
  • Olivia Becouche-Albukerk, his daughter
  • Dr. Binyamin Becouche-Albukerk, his brother
  • Sophia Becouche-Albukerk, his sister-in-law
  • Ruth Becouche-Albukerk, his niece
  • Iacob Benetar, his manager / butler
  • Mentes, his Greek chauffeur
  • Irene, his Greek housekeeper
  • Marina, his Italian housekeeper

The Rosenbergs

Principal and important minor characters

  • Jürgen Samuel Rosenberg
  • Gabriele (Gabi) Dagmar Rosenberg, née Kahn-Matthäus, his wife
  • David Rosenberg, his son
  • Nathan Amos Rosenberg, his father
  • Miriam Wolfssohn Rosenberg, his mother
  • Heinrich Rosenberg, his brother
  • Greta Rosenberg, his sister-in-law
  • Brigitte, his housemaid
  • Dieter Schlarp, his Sachenzucker Export Company general manager

The Petersruhes

Principal and important minor characters

  • General Graf Siegfried (Sigi) von und zu Petersruhe
  • Gräfin Claramond Katharina (Kathe) Kahn-Matthäus von und zu Petersruhe, his wife
  • Gräfin Bertha Genowefa (Wefa) von und zu Petersruhe, his
    youngest sister
  • Gräfin Justine Emma (Élodie) von und zu Petersruhe, his eldest sister
  • Maria, his housemaid
  • Albert Wok, his manservant and estate manager and retired soldier who served under Sigi
  • Helmut Mertz, friend of Sigi and retired Oberst (Colonel) who served under Sigi
  • Claudine Mertz, Helmut’s late wife

The Yoffeys

Principal and important minor characters

  • Dr. Samuel Yoffey
  • Anna Jane Yoffey, his wife
  • Hulda Yoffey, his daughter
  • Ephraim Lev Yoffey, his brother
  • Rabbi Michael Fischer, his friend
  • Gomey Luke, his housekeeper
  • Linny, his cook / housekeeper
  • Temple Luke, Gomey’s son
  • Willard Wentworth, his bayman
  • Dr. Tomaso Bettoli, his colleague
  • “Old” Salazar Jones
  • The Hungarian

The Twinges

Principal and important minor characters

  • Hugh Geoffrey Twinge, Earl Boardcroft
  • Countess Sarah Alice Margaret (Sally) Twinge, née Cracroft,
    his wife
  • Countess Margaret Alice (Meggy)Twinge-Kitchen, his daughter, mother of Hughie and Tom
  • Lord Thomas (Tom) Twine-Kitchen, his grandson and David’s
    close friend
  • Viscount Hugh (Hughie) Tinge-Kitchen, his eldest grandson
  • Rasheed, his Dervish manservant
  • Mrs. Ward, his housekeeper
  • Roger Tinker, his estate manager

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